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Ballerinas on Crescent Beach

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I have always loved falcons and eagles and beautiful birds of prey. I have always wanted to own my own bird…perhaps a parrot or smaller. I will one day try falconry. Bucket list item for […]

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Why Fall Photos?

Fall is one of my favourite times to photograph people outdoors. The leaves and backgrounds, even the fog gives so much more depth and colour to photos. The sunlight is also muted and filtered by […]

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Kai Smith – 9 Years old

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What should I wear?

When planning a photoshoot, the common question asked by most clients is ” What should I wear?” Here are some examples of what could be worn for an outdoor shoot, considering weather and locations of […]

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This is Caleb. He has just turned 4 and is one of the most interesting 4 year old boy I know. He is so full of energy, has so many interests and is just a joy to be around. Lake and […]

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D’Mello Darlings

    Here they are. The D’Mello Sisters. “Act natural”, I said….haahahahaa This was such a perfect perching place. Peas in a pod. These ladies are so photogenic, it was such a breeze taking their […]

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Trish & Nigel’s Wedding Day

Trish and Nigel got married July 17th and I was honoured to be chosen to be their photographer for this beautiful event. Brook Thompson was my trusty assistant and was such a great support throughout the […]

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Gardiners For Fun (Three years later)

Dante, Jake, Luca doing the risky boy poses. They are so fun. Love these boys! Dad and Jake having some fun This shot was pretty fun! Hahaa. It was about at this point that Lisa […]

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