Monthly Archives: November 2010


Ol’ Yell’r

This was taken while on a photo day with Brook and my mother in law, Rina. She loves photography as well. I think Brook was above and to the left, behind a fence taking a […]

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Some Black And Whites – Downtown East Side Photo Day

I like this photo but didn’t think of  ‘framing’ when I took it. If I was to print this off and frame it with a matte, it would have covered over the V and the […]

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What A Little Tone Can Do

Graveyards can be fun to walk through and take photos of. This stone fell long ago and cracked in half in the process. It was grey with black script, but it was hard to see […]

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New And Old Combined

This was taken during a summer day in Gastown. It’s in an alleyway behind a restaurant I think…(one of many we ventured into). The cobblestone, asphalt were connected by the puddle and reflection of the […]

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The Bee’s Knees

On a hot summer July day in Fort Langley, Brook and I found something to shoot around every corner. This fella and I got up close and personal. I like the spikey hairs on his head. I also liked that I looked fear […]

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Creepy No Matter Which Way You Look At It

The original photo was the vertical version. A friend suggested I rotate it to be horizontal. Love both results. Which do you prefer???I have a crazy fear of spiders and of bees….but really enjoy taking […]

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Happy Anniversary!

Here is my hubby, Ryan. (This is one of his realtor pics that I took for him.) We married 14 years ago today and I love him more each day. I am honoured and blessed that we found each other.Thank […]

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Bird’s Eye View

I really enjoy random and unexpected results from different perspectives. This was taken from an overhead walkway looking down at a foodcourt in Vancouver. I did feel a bit sneaky taking this shot, but I […]

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My Mentor, My Friend

If you haven’t already met Brook, here’s a great photo of him in his element. We met at work a few years ago and found that we have the same passion for photography. We have […]

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A man and his Eden

Meet the creator of this beautiful garden.  He was glad to have us wander around and enjoy it.  He tinkered and moved dirt and whistled a tune while he worked. We never asked his name but was […]

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