Monthly Archives: February 2011


A Boy And His Dream…Perhaps??

This shot was taken last year in New Westminster from the top of a hill overlooking the back of a church. It was the first day of The World Cup. This boy was dressed in […]

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The Good Ol’ Days

A tight fit.

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Another Broken Angel

Brook and I had a great photo day today. It’s rare, but sometimes a day comes around where our eyes are sharp, our creativity flows, and the photography gods (and angels) are looking over us. […]

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Just some colour. I am not particularly fond of this photograph but I appreciate the color and shape and texture of it.

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Merlin In The Dark…Seems Magical

 Last night our power went out for about 4 hours. What better time to pull out the camera and take some shots by candle light. Merlin, our kitten, has never seen candles so was […]

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Would You Like A Taste?

Interesting textures alway grab me when I have my camera with me. This was taken in the Granville Island Public Market in the summertime. It’s a plate with raspberry balsamic vinegar and oil ready to taste with bread. I liked the colors […]

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Blue Beauty

Playing around with tone and tint gives a new feel to a photo.

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Jana and Gabrielle

I had the joy of spending the afternoon with a dear friend and her sweet baby girl last Wednesday. We had lost contact some in the past 5 years. It happens when people take different paths. But […]

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Fuzzy Dice

I was playing with some wider angles here. I like the distortion here.

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’66 Mustangs Of 2010

This is the beginning of the ’66 Mustangs Of 2010 series. A long time family friend has been working on his blue ’66 Mustang for many years (the nearest car to the right) and along […]

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