Monthly Archives: March 2011


Blue Reflection

This was taken in the yard at Gran and Gramps’ home in Sidney BC. I liked the shape, color and the reflection of….me! hehehee

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Statues With Spirit 3

~The Studious~ Which view do you like? I like both.

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Statues With Spirit

~The Mischievious~I have to admit, this one creeped me out a bit. She seemed to follow me. ~The Mischievious~She was behind the trees for the second shot.

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Statues With Spirit

~The Responsible One ~Hatley Castle was built in 1908 by the wealthy Dunsmuir family. We visited Royal Roads University in Victoria yesterday, and this is where these statues are standing. There are four of them. Each has their […]

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Rust & History

I’m drawn to the colours that metal and rust give. This was taken at the CPRail Museum last year. There are some more from this museum I can add at a later time. Macro lens […]

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Ferris Wheel Fun

This was taken at Playland a couple years ago. Good friends, good fun, good rides…and a good photo.

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One last one from the ’66 Mustang collection. I like how this one turned out too. In fact, I really like Mustangs!

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Up A Tree

I have taken lots of photos looking up at trees but I have never done any post-production on them. I thought I would try to pull out some color and texture on this one. I […]

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More Mustangs

Notice the reflection of the white GTO in the red one?I really got a kick out of how this turned out.

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B/W High Contrast Shots

Posters from years gone by. Triple-barrelled. I especially like this shot because there is a squashed newspaper stuck to the barrel on the right.

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