Monthly Archives: April 2011


Pose much?

Our cat, Merlin. I am certain he has learned how to pose for the camera. This is his best side.

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 This is Iris. She is the newest addition to Gina and Emma’s family. She will be maybe 4 lbs by the time she is full grown. Such a sweety. Can u say awwwwwwwwwwww..

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My Best Friend

Shawna…She is my best sister-friend!

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Baby Kharis, Pam and Dan Radke April 8,2011

These were only a few of many photos taken today at The Radke Home. Such a wonderful new family. I really enjoyed this shoot a lot! Will be some work to do organizing them. There […]

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Hello Down There!!

Hatley Castle again. Who is that up on the tower?

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Bird On A….Wall?

This little birdie was watching me like a hawk. I’m pretty sure I was hearing baby tweeties in behind her. She was perched between concrete slabs under a train bridge/foot tunnel at New Brighton Park. […]

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Brook and I were on one of our photo walks near the end of winter. Brook wasn’t feeling particularly creative that day….until we saw this car. It had flames painted on the sides, some neat […]

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