Monthly Archives: May 2011


Go Canucks Goooooooooo

Dedicated Vancouver Canucks fan. Goooooo Canucks Goooooo!!!!! This snail was about the size of my thumbnail when I took the shot. I like taking photos of snails because they seem to know when to pose […]

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Out From The Dark Side Comes….Brighter!!

This is my last ‘dark’ photo for a while. I have noticed that I tend to post ‘dark’ photos…either to show a spooky shot or just the post production seems to have a trend to […]

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Have A Seat

Have a seat and we can talk about the weather.

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Brook In His Photography Glory

Here is Brook finding a spot to hunker down and take a photo again. He gets his exercise when he’s out taking photos. At one point, he was laying on his stomach to take shots […]

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Gas Is How Much?

Brook and I went out for a photo day today in Steveston Village in Richmond. This was taken at the corner of Moncton St. and 2nd Ave. It’s a garage that appears to keep up […]

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sniff sniff ahhh

So yes..this is a bit of an odd photograph, I agree. I had built a light box to photograph small objects using 2ft long dowling, some wood, some rubber tubing, zap straps, and cheap white […]

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Sweet Emily

Here is Emily. She is 3 months old. I have had the pleasure of photographing her mom Gina and dad Brian while they were expecting Emily as well. It’s just amazing to see families blossom […]

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