Monthly Archives: July 2013


Western Tanager (Piranga Iudoviciana)…Yup I Like Birds.

This little guy greeted up each day on our camping trip to Golden Ears Provincial Park this last couple days. It was a nice time away with good weather, good family time and peace and quiet. Even our two teenaged […]

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Ahh Perfection….

Perfection….?Trying to focus wayyyyy inside the swirl of petals.  Perfection….? There’s really no need to modify any of these photos…Flowers seem to have been created perfectly. To survive, reproduce, grow. If our life was this […]

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Am I Buggin’ You? Don’t Mean To Bug You.

I nearly sat on these little guys. This was a cluster of spiders that have obviously just hatched from their egg sack. It’s pretty cool when you blow on them, they shake and fan out, […]

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