Monthly Archives: February 2014


Roped In

I’ve always liked photographing rope and chains and fishing gear. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve always liked fishing and boating, or because I love photographing texture. Perhaps it’s both! Black and white These […]

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“Why Would You Want To Take A Picture Of Me?”

We wandered into a salvage yard in Steveston today looking for things to photograph. This man, who obviously worked there for many years, knew his stuff. He was an expert on rust and dirt and […]

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Sardis Drum Band at The PNE 2013

This is the Sardis Drum Band we saw perform in 2013 at The PNE. I wanted to post them earlier but it just didn’t happen for some reason. They were very dynamic, very entertaining! If […]

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Sharing Talent

 Last week, Brook and I went into Vancouver again…Here, I wanted to take photos of people who seemed to frequent the hood. They lived there, shopped there, shared their world there…some because they want to […]

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Aylen – our new 7 and a half year old dog…She has been such a great addition to our family.

I am not going to give you the ball….nope Unless you have a treat for me….? Ryan and Aylen having a chat.  She understood “stay”. “Heyyyy!!! Can I come now?!!!” “Okay…here I come! Ready or  […]

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