Ballerinas on Crescent Beach

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I have always loved falcons and eagles and beautiful birds of prey. I have always wanted to own my own bird…perhaps a parrot or smaller. I will one day try falconry. Bucket list item for […]

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Why Fall Photos?

Fall is one of my favourite times to photograph people outdoors. The leaves and backgrounds, even the fog gives so much more depth and colour to photos. The sunlight is also muted and filtered by […]

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Kai Smith – 9 Years old

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What should I wear?

When planning a photoshoot, the common question asked by most clients is ” What should I wear?” Here are some examples of what could be worn for an outdoor shoot, considering weather and locations of […]

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This is Caleb. He has just turned 4 and is one of the most interesting 4 year old boy I know. He is so full of energy, has so many interests and is just a joy to be around. Lake and […]

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Gastown In The Rain

I will be using this as a screen saver. Was on the prowl for some great backdrops for some photo shoots today. Gastown is seriously the most amazing backdrop in itself. thought this would be […]

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This was a teeny tiny spider. I managed to get close enough to see some pattern and the hairs on its translucent legs…And I think it’s eating something there. Waiting for dinner.

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My favourite photos today….I think I was actually moved by them.

We all deserve to have someone look us in the eye and listen completely… And the joy of having the rain wash it all away.

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Some People On The Block …and a Pigeon

here pigeon pigeon pigeon…. Walter White mural. I liked this because it seemed the paint on his clothes was camouflaging him into the wall. Do the hokey pokey He seemed so content.

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